Cartwright, Australia: “I served as a police officer for many years and my baton training transfers well to the mace”

04 Dec 2014 10:51
Mike Cartwright,
fighter of “WASCL” (West Australian Armored Combat League) club,
fighter of the National Team of Australia

 … Concerning his way to HMB sport
I came into HMB after I got fed up with the policies within the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and the unrealistic fighting style.

HMB fighting, to my mind, is probably the closest thing to the real combat (with the only exception – we don’t kill each other). It is a test for every fighter’s mettle and soul,
just harness up and enter the arena and every fighter will always remember that first win, the satisfaction deep inside of smashing another warrior into the dirt.

I’ve been fighting all my life (I’m 40 now).
…Concerning his armor and weapons
My harness is based around the 14th century, English style. I chose it because English amour had always appeared to be simple and unpretentious (the opposite of the 15th century German gothic) and since I was born in England it was a simple choice. However, after seeing Rus-style amour in Trogir, I’m tempted to get that…

I use a mace and a shield. I chose the mace because of two reasons. The first one is that I have shocking edge control with a sword, and the second one is that I served as a police officer for many years and my baton training transfers well to the mace.

… Concerning the sport in general
Apart from hunting, fishing and camping I’m not engaged in anything else :).… Concerning his combat techniques and features
I wait for the right moment and keep my eyes open, and then I attack as if wanting to drag a rapist off my mother:). lol

… Concerning qualities needed by any HMB fighter
1. Cardio endurance
2. Cardio endurance
3. Cardio endurance… Concerning training and tournament preparations
Cardio exercises with some strength training, and then armor fighting as often as you can.
… Concerning his favorite category
“5 vs 5”. End of conversation.

… Concerning the National Team
Australia first debuted in France in 2013 and unfortunately I wasn’t there, we fought in “5 vs 5” and “1 vs 1”.… Concerning «Battle of the Nations»-2014
To be honest I’m bloody stoked by Australia’s results in 2014. We got our collectives arses handed to us in 2013, but we came back and fought every ***, who raised a sword at us to a bloody standstill. Just wait until 2015.

… Concerning the brightest event at «Battle of the Nations»-2014
An easy question. The camaraderie. We may be from different nations fighting under different flags, but all the fighters there are brothers and sisters in arms.Team Mexico. They are mostly skinny little guys, in the worst armor you’ve ever seen in your life, but by Thor’s hairy bollocks, they have the biggest “cojones” I’ve ever seen in my life! They will never give up. Awesome, awesome guys.

… Concerning the most memorable fight
To be honest, all the fights have blurred into one huge mess in my head and I can’t separate one honorable opponent from another. But I want to fight Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, those guys are crazy!… Concerning the season of 2015
I hope to fight in New Zealand in February 2015 (“Tattoo Cup”) and return to Europe the same year.

… Wishes to novices
Spend nothing until you have spoken to the veterans on your national team.
Cardio exercises are king of exercises.
Fight like you are the last man standing between those you love and those who will hurt them.
After the fight talk with honor to those who fought well. Be gracious in victory and magnanimous in defeat.
And remember to have fun! :).

Interview by
Miroslav Eremenko,

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