Bykov, Estonia: “We want to test new methods of training at “Battle of the Nations”-2015″

17 Feb 2015 12:41

Everyone regularly asks us, “What do you expect from “Battle of the Nations”-2015?” But we do not have a clear answer! We expect surprises, meetings with new and old strong competitors, difficult and exhausting battles in the daytime and unrestrained fun in the evening!

At the last “Battle of the Nations” our five-member team was a hodgepodge of different clubs. In 2015, we plan to have a separate five-member club team, of course if we manage to go through the qualifying rounds.

Frankly speaking, we want to test new methods of training at “Battle of the Nations”-2015. After “Battle of the Nations”-2014 we addressed eminent trainers, namely Mikhail Heraskevich (Ukraine, honored trainer of Ukraine), Dmitry Vorobiev (Estonia, world champion in kickboxing, trainer), as well as a local rugby trainer. They helped us with their advice and also helped to conduct trainings this year. We had to take these measures because there are no experienced buhurtsmen in Estonia, who could share their knowledge with us, so we have to work with trainers from other disciplines. Fortunately, our participation in the Dynamo Cup-2014 proved the correctness of the approach. Taking into account our results, we refined the training techniques.

I really hope that in 2015 we will succeed and improve the results of this year!

Nikolai Bykov,
head of “Nordburg” club (Estonia),
captain of the National Team of Estonia

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania