Bykov, Estonia: “Shield can be more dangerous than falchion”

30 Mar 2015 11:49

I have German armor of the early 15th c. Why German? Well, everything is simple – Estonia has a lot of German medieval monuments, so Germany is congenial for us.

The choice of armor can be explained by its practicality and the level of protection it provides. However, I had to change a couple of helmets while I was looking for the one that suited me.

The weapon in my arsenal is the most common, namely the falchion. But recently I’ve become interested in a six-flanged mace. Why? It has something attractive, a sort of veiled threat, a certain charm. And also I use a targe. We like to hit with shield edges, thanks to our coach. He taught us that the shield can be more dangerous than the falchion…

Nikolai Bykov,
captain of the National Team of Estonia


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania