Burak Yarar, Turkey: “This is a professional sport and deserves to be approached professionally”

18 Dec 2017 16:06
Burak Yarar from Turkey and his team move forward to develop HMB sport in his country. They provide seminars, workshops, trainings sessions and from the other side they works on promotion. During this autumn HMB athlets and one of the turkish magazines cooperated for the mutual benefit. Magazine got the article about new and interesting sport, and sportsmen got PR and great photos to represent HMB in this country. Burak was glad to such cooperation and told HMBIA News how was it: “Guys from that Magazine took many great shots and included a description of what buhurt is in their lates issue. This is good PR for us and its always nice to show professionally shot photos when new people approach you about the sport. This is a professional sport and deserves to be approached professionally”.
Its always pleasure to work with professionals in any sphere. And when you get such benefits – it`s a double pleasure. We hope that many people will be interested in HMB movement and during next World Championships in HMB “Battle of the Nations” audience could see National Team in all fights and non fights nominations and with medals.
HMBIA News thanks to Fatih Metin Demirkol, Volkan Catikkas and “Spesific Magazine” for the photos.

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