Buhurt. Merry-making is coming

28 Aug 2014 10:03

What is buhurt and how to participate? …

In the broadest sense, buhurt is a battle between two groups of fighters. Minimum number of participants is 10 vs 10. This number meets the definition of buhurt. In fact, the “5 vs 5″ fight is buhurt that has become a sporting category.

Initially, buhurt was a way to relax and rest, since there are no nominations, minimum rules, everybody can participate. As a result, a lot of people gather, form two teams, and then start merry-making featuring pure violence and adrenaline. A battle of two armored groups of men, rattle of weapons, blows, blows and again blows leave no one indifferent, neither fighters nor spectators.

In short, you need to participate in buhurt, rather than read about it. And, because as they say, “Only a person who has never participated in buhurt can be indifferent to it.”

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania