Buhurt League – the future of HMB

06 Nov 2017 12:24

A Buhurt League announced at the beginning of HMBIA General Assembly 2017 became one of the most priority matters of the meeting. This League will unite numerous of HMB worldwide tournaments for buhurt categories (men’s 5vs5 and women’s 3vs3 first of all) to one unified system. It will arrange the counting of results in a more systematic and transparent way.

The organizers paid an attention to the issue, that some small tournaments might not be attended by enough number of fighters for “5 vs 5”. Therefore, “4 vs 4” and “3 vs 3” categories also could be allowed.

The new project got the huge attention at the Assembly. It became the main discussion topic at Tournaments and Captains sections.

The clear structure of the League is already created. To become the participant, the team needs to be registered officially in the Buhurt League system before the start of the season. However, during the season 2017/2018 HMBIA makes it possible to apply for participation during the whole season. All registered teams will be distributed among Conferences by the geographical principle and each tournament will be assigned by one of three classes as follows:

• Buhurt Challenger
• Buhurt Open
• Buhurt Masters

With the Buhurt Prime as a Final Tournament.

How the tournaments will be classified? Mostly tournaments will be granted by Challenger or Open classes. During the season teams are competing and earning statistic. In the end of the season, the best teams will get an invitation to the final tournament.

Edouard Eme, Captain of French National Team, explained in detail:

“The classes pretty much depend on the quality of the event and number of teams attending it. There will be only one Buhurt Masters tournament per region and one Buhurt Prime in the world; only the best teams with the best statistic will have an opportunity to take part in them”.

Working on the documents is the next step. Ivan Koryagin, the head of HMBIA Tournament Committee, told that they have pretty much work in this area.

“We should develop application forms, determine the requirements for tournaments with different status, describe communication mechanism between HMBIA, organizers of tournaments and participants, and also set the regulations how to collect statistic results of official Buhurt League tournaments worldwide”.

So, a Buhurt League concept realization and development of its technical specifications for proper operation will be one of the priority vectors for Tournament committee for the season 2017/18.

Everybody was enthusiastic about this project and is waiting for the details to be released, especially about the criteria for tournaments to be a part of Buhurt League.

Edouard noticed: “We will rely on the Buhurt League competition system to stimulate the growth of the sport, while the unified structure will bring stability and better organization on a worldwide level, keeping as a goal the compliance with IOC standards”.

Now the ball is on effective cooperation field.

Ivan Koryagin told that Tournament committee is working on negotiations with organizers of big international tournaments about including them to Buhurt League system and also inviting organizers of local tournaments and HMB members worldwide to join.

“There are no doubts that Buhurt League is the next important step for HMB development”, – Pavel Besaga, the HMBIA representative, noticed in his speech at general meeting during Assembly.

Of course, we are pretty sure in success of this project and its strategic importance for moving HMB-sport to a new level. We wish inspiration to everyone who is working on its implementation.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us by e-mail buhurtleague@hmbia.com


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