Bryce Lightbody: “We’ve got a really solid team this year”

07 Apr 2019 00:54
The Australian team has been taking part in the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations for many years. No one can even imagine World Championship without fighters in green surcoats with yellow stripes. Bryce Lightbody, captain of the australian team pleased us with the news that this year the national team of his country will also be represented in all buhurt and duel nominations of the Championship.
“We’ve got a really solid team this year. Our selection tournament gets harder every year as the fighters keep improving. We have a few new fighters who this will be their first international tournament. We also have plenty of returning veterans”.

According to Bryce the 12vs12 category is going to be very interesting. They have combined their  top two teams plus a few other good fighters. There are going to be some really exciting fights!

In addition, we should not forget about interesting alliance of Australia with New Zealand and China. Earlier we reported on the Asian-Pacific Union banner, which was formed by these countries.

Now australians make last preparations for the Battle of the Nations and can’t wait to enter the lists. We will be waiting for this team also!

Photos by Nikki De Iacovo

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania