Brazil has great potential for the development of the HMB-movement, and here is why!

20 Sep 2017 18:09
Brazil is the youngest country in HMBIA. It joined to Association only this, 2017, year. It’s extremely interesting to find out, how is it – to be at the beginning of the breathtaking way. We talked with Filipe Canabrava, the Capitan of the National team of Brazil, about tasks, problems and features of HMB-movement in his country.

Filipe Canabrava started to interest about medieval martial arts when he was only 15 years old. At first he found H.E.M.A., something like studying longswords. Around 5 years ago he started studying about HMB movement, about armor, technics, rules and found out that all the world outside Brazil is involved into HMB. His first tournament was in Argentina, Copa first class, in 2015.

Despite Brazil is new HMB-country, it has a big advantage – people here are ready to perceive HMB, it’s not difficult to popularize it. And here is why.

Filipe explained: “I have a lot of friends in Brazil that love this kind of stuff, they are crazy for fighting & traveling concept. When I showed them HMB, they almost instantly started helping me to achieve holding different events and to promote it”.

It’s quite easy to attract new fighters and audience to HMB-community. Brazilians are open-minded because of cultural variety.

“Here we have a lot of medieval enthusiasts, and people like to celebrate different cultures events. In Brazil we have an African, European, Asian cultures, and there are a lot of events here. Between them a lot of Medieval ones. On that’s events we show people that HMB really exist, and we receive new fighters from this places. We have some support from the government, from TV and newspapers. Actually, we have a responsibility here to do HMB. My family, my friends are all taking part in it. So that is how we are doing”, – Filipe told.

Do enthusiasts of HMB-movement have some problems? Obviously yes, but keep in mind that such bunch of problems each new country in HMB faced with. Let’s better call it tasks for the nearest future for Brazilian HMB community.

Filipe Canabrava explained: “The first task is information. People don’t know much about HMB movement, that it is a kind of sport in fact. We have to show them and to teach them. The second task – we have to learn how to produce our own armor. And the third task is to arrange to send our team to “Battle of the nations” tournament. We are 10 hours’ flight to Europe, it is really far and also expensive. So we are trying to do our best to get support from HMBIA, companies, and government to send fighters to this tournament”.

There are 10 HMB-clubs in Brazil and each club has 4-5 fighters for now. There the coaches teach fighters to practice in combating & riding a horse. This kind of combat is calling “jousting”.

Filipe described: “Our fighters from the beginning learn how to fight without armor on foot, with armor on foot, basic riding skills, without armor on the horseback and with armor on the horseback”.

We can see, that Brazilian HMB-fighters have a great potential and they are eager to develop and to hit highs, so we wish all the best to them!

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