Bianchetti, Switzerland: “We must train to work as a team…”

16 Aug 2016 15:16

Switzerland is a beautiful and medium-sized country. HMB-movement in this country is presented by few groups of fans that usually take part in the international tournaments and are well known in the movement. One of them is Franco Bianchetti also known as Frank Døkkr Norðri. He is responsible for canton Ticino fighters and is a captain of the Swiss National Team. He agreed to tell us about the present and the future of HMB in Switzerland.


Franco Bianchetti, captain of the National Team of Switzerland: “In Switzerland we would like to have more fighters taking part in such sport. At the moment, we are working to have some more events around the cantons, currently we don’t have any national or international tournament, only trainings. With more events, of course, there is more possibility to gain a media appearance and attract some new fighters!”


As Franco noted, there are only 2 official clubs in Switzerland, one in canton Bern and one in canton Ticino. People manage to train good individually, but team training is difficult when you do not have enough people. He also told that Swiss are training to work as a team to improve the level of cooperation on the field and learn more about each other.


Franco Bianchetti, captain of the National Team of Switzerland: “Good experience and training are also required to visit the events outside of CH and to participate in the seminars around Europe, that way we can bring the experience home and increase our knowledge about the sport”.

Of course, to participate in different HMB-events the team should possess the armor and civil medieval clothes. According to captain Bianchetti, it is not easy to find all the required elements of clothing in Switzerland, so their team has to explore the sources of medieval clothing in the central part of Europe. Therefore, the Swiss team uses armor and civil clothes made in Italy, Germany and France. It is comfortable, safe and good looking.

So let’s wish good luck to Swiss team and give thanks for their work in the development of the HMB-movement in Switzerland.

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