Bianchetti, Switzerland: “Motivation is strong, training is never enough …”

26 Apr 2017 15:57
Today we will tell you about the National team of Switzerland. Franco Bianchetti also known as Frank Døkkr Norðri – captain of the Swiss National Team found the opportunity to give HMBIA News interview and told us a lot of interesting things.

First of all, Swiss team will participate in such categories as: “5vs5″ “21vs21″ together with team Germany, “Longsword”. Franco Bianchetti also told about the process of forming the national team of his country and shared with us, that HMB-movement in Swiss is growing up. And this is really great news for all of us.

Franco Bianchetti: “Forming the team this year was not difficult, in fact, even if the land is small, the movement is growing up in different cantons. This makes me happy not just because we can get more fighters, but also because it is something finally in the mind of the Swiss people. In Switzerland we finally can say that we have a growing movement. The idea was to have two teams in “5vs5″, but in the end we could get only one. This national team have fighters from all parts of Switzerland, Italian part, German part and French part. Almost all fighters come from the 3 biggest full contact fight local teams (“Kettenhunde”, “Leoni Rhodani” and “Suedalp”) so everybody is ready for this great experience!”

Swiss captain is sure, that his team will show high class of fighting during HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2017.

Franco Bianchetti: “In general, I’m happy of what I could see, fighters are prepared, they know what they have to do, this year we miss some old experienced fighters but the new ones could show that they really want to be part of all this and I’m sure they will do the best anyway! Motivation is strong, training is never enough I agree but still seem on a very good level, so I think we will have some good fights”.

HMBIA News would like to thank Franco Bianchetti for the conversation and is sure that all of us will see great fights of Swiss team and will be waiting for the fighters on the lists of the “Battle of the Nations”-2017.


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