Bernal, Spain: “Mistakes are necessary for further improvement”

20 Apr 2015 10:06

As for me, before the fight it’s important to have a proper warm up and to focus on the oncoming fight. Visualize the combat. It helps to get a proper state of mind.

During the combat I usually try to be aware of how the fight is going around me, so I can try to do whatever my team needs at the moment.

After the fight the important thing is to have a good rest before the next combat, I try to reconsider what I’ve done wrong, but try not to be disappointed by that. Morale is important, mistakes are necessary for further improvement.

Cristian Bernal,
captain of “Magna Societas Catalanorum” HMB club (Spain),
vice president of the HMB National Organization of Spain


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania