Berlepsch cup will be held under the walls of fabulous Medieval castle

26 Sep 2017 18:02
For the Berlepsch HMB-tournament was choosing a fabulous place – Medieval Berlepsch Castle from 14th century.

Berlepsch is right in the middle of Germany, so it’s perfect for combaters from neighbor country to come and meet some other fighters for a lower distance than normally.

The castle is one of the outstanding cultural historical buildings of its region, was built 650 years ago by the Berlepsch family.

Their descendants are still living there, preserved and protected family mention through the centuries.

Mandolo Cresimo, one of the organizers of the tournament, described, how easy was to reach an agreement with the owner of the castle.

“The Baron was very kind to us and wanted help our community to grow up. It was all these years in ownership of the Berlepsch family and was not plundered like many Castles all over the world. It has its own story and the Owners are real Barons too”.

Baron Fabian von Berlepsch and German HMB-community help each other to develop and reach their goals. Mandolo explains:

“Baron needs events to care about his high-cost castle and we need a playground for our sport. Because of that, we are in a win-win position.

This year we talked about the future of Berlepsch Tournament and Fabian von Berlepsch was ok to risk a higher Investment in this Event, so we can give some gasoline refund, reward for the winners and payment for the Judges too”.

So, organizers would like to invite everyone who wants to experience medieval struggle: there is no show, but actual struggle of men and women for the victory of the strongest in honor of the birthday of the little baroness!

The Berlepsch castle goes back to its foundation by Arnolds von Berlepsch in the years 1368-69. The medieval fortifications were repeatedly expanded and reconstructed in the course of the 16th century after the destruction of the Thirty Years War. Especially the remodeling of the 1880s-90s by the important historicist architect Gustav Schönermark shapes its visual appearance today. Already from a distance, the visitors may see the striking silhouette of the castle picturesquely situated on a mountaintop. The time-honored walls conceal gorgeous premises which betoken the values of a bygone epoch. These distinctive features make this castle a high-ranking cultural, historical and artistic monument.

Opening hours:

Wednesday to Sunday and holidays from 12 noon to 9 pm.

Sightseeing from the outside is possible at all times.

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