Belgrade welcomed the National HMB tournament

07 Apr 2021 00:28

The National HMB tournament of Serbia was held in Belgrade on March 14 where participants were fighting in the BotN official categories including duels and 5vs5 buhurts.    

According to Alexandar Uroshevich, President of the National HMB Federation of Serbia, there were around 40 fighters who fought for medals of the tournament and the opportunity to represent their country at the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations.

Only winners in all categories were supposed to enter the HMB Serbia team that is led by Nemanja Apatovic as the captain and Ognjen Kosoric as the vice captain.

The results of the tournament are as follows:

Longsword: Nemanja Apatovic

Sword and Shield: Nikola Saric

Sword and Buckler: Igor Martinovic

Halberd: Nenad Cuckovic

Profight  75kg:  Djordje Zivkovic

Profights less than 85kg: Nenad Ilic

Profights less than 95kg: Zarko Stanic

Profights 95+kg: Ognjen Kosoric

Sword and Shield: Aleksandra Andjan

Sword and Buckler: Neda Budas
Profights 65 kg: Neda Budas

Buhurt 5vs5: White Stags team

The event had the status of the National qualifying tournament and it is a great honor to win here, and a
ll these glorious warriors could join the national team. However, according to Alexander, as soon as the national team was formed, they learned about the postponement of BotN to 2022. In this regard, he does not exclude that a qualifying tournament will again be held here closer to the Battle of the Nations and, perhaps the team of his country will be represented by other HMB athletes.

According to Alexandar Uroshevich, President of the National HMB Federation of Serbia and representative of the HMB club White Stags, the event was closed to the public due to COVID 19 restrictions.

For now we just have to congratulate the winners once again and wish them many more good tournaments.



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