“Battle of the Nations” welcomes the greatest!

29 Mar 2017 19:34
The eighth Championship of the world in HMB “Battle of the Nations” draws near. For eight years, best fighters have been gathering on the best arenas of the world to cross swords and find out who is the strongest one. A lot of time has passed and factually, everybody can see that the tournament’s geography expands, as does the geography of its participants.
Year by year, tough qualifying tournaments take place in many countries, where the strongest, most experienced and persistent fighters are chosen. The fighters who are going to defend their countries’ honor on the world arena.

For many years, day by day, women and men burning with passion for historical medieval combat, for adrenaline and heat of the battle, find time and strength to train. They improve their armor and weaponry and search for the opportunity to come and enter the list hearing the supporting shouts of their fans.

Some were not able to stand the test of time and left during the long distance. But we believe that sooner or later there forms a core of the strongest fighters in every country.

“Battle of the Nations” – is not easy. “Battle of the Nations” – the tournament for the greatest, battle-hardened, experienced elite fighters! It is also a great opportunity to gain experience, taste of triumph or defeat and become stronger and better.

Visiting the Championship, sportsmen meet their fellow-thinkers who also love the historical medieval battle and cannot imagine their lives without it. They are ready to share the experience and learn from others, always and everywhere.

Come visit Barcelona and participate! Such an experience will never be forgotten! Become the greatest!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania