“Battle of the Nations” becomes shorter

02 Mar 2017 19:13
The Championship of the world in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2017 is going to last for three days instead of five. The tournament’s organizational committee has made such announcement. As HMBIA News found out, the battles are planned to take place on several tilt-yards. Such format is still in development, but organizers say that there are going to be no less than two tilt-yards. It is worth noticing, that due to the three day format of the “Battle of the Nations”, the battle programme will become more intensive.

That way, the duels and buhurts can take place simultaneously on three different tilt-yards, within the single arena. HMBIA tells that such step, gives an opportunity to conduct all the battles within three days. Also, Association emphasizes that such format gives an opportunity to show ones real sportive character and desire for victory, because fighters will have to handle the same number of fights as before, in much shorter period of time. HMBIA commentates on expectable format of the battles as follows: “Last year, everything was sequential, first, the “duels” took place, then buhurt nominations – “5vs5”, “21vs21” etc. However, this year, the tilt-yards are expected to be situated very close to each other. If the arena is spacious enough, the spectators will be able to see everything at once.

Technically, similar format was used in Trogir, on the Championship of 2014, when general group stage – the duels – took place on small tilt-yard in the “Camerlengo” castle, while “5vs5” and “21vs21” were held on the large tilt-yard outside.” You can find out about other innovations of the “Battle of the Nations” in forthcoming publications.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania