Battle of the Nations: Art is Forever!

08 Oct 2014 11:58

Dear friends! Frankly speaking, we did not expect that the work of our artist, Tomio Vazari, called “The winner takes it all” would turn out an enormous success. We’ve got a lot of feedback, both online and offline :). We are grateful to you for that :).

We have decided to continue gladdening you with new Arts concerning Battle of the Nations. All the lovers of full contact battles in armor and bright colors of the Middle Ages will receive fresh Art (and a fresh portion of positive emotions with it), provided by our artists and designers, regularly!

Download, watch, enjoy, set our posters as desktop wallpapers, print them out, hang them on your walls and enjoy :). And do not forget to share HMB Art with friends, especially with those ones who are far from our sport and who you constantly need to tell “Who we are and what we look like” :).

By the way, we will post an interview with Tomio Vazari, Master of Pixels, soon. She has already agreed to an interview and have already started to select her best works for the upcoming publications. Follow news on our site and our pages on the social networks!

Thank you for being with us!

HMBIA team

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania