Battle of the Nations 2019 results

06 May 2019 22:45
HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 is behind us. This year’s tournament is special, as the Championship has 10 years anniversary in 2019. Here was everything! A record number of countries took part there, fights in traditional and new nominations, and most importantly, meetings with old friends and new acquaintances. What a fights were in the new mass categories 12 vs 12 and 30 vs 30! But is it worth talking about the battles of the banners in 150 vs 150?! Everybody was delighted – the participants and spectators, who filled the stands all the days of the Championship and sincerely and passionately supported the fighters. They in turn encouraged by the audience, showed amazing results.

We can refresh the our memory moments of these glorious victories and once again be glad for the winners! Let us represent you the results of fights in all nominations. Let’s start with duel nominations in which male and female fighters demonstrated their skills.

Sword and Shield (female)
1. Alina Lappo (Russia)
2. Agnieszka Lasota (Poland)
3. Melanie Gras (Germany)

Sword and Shield (male)
1. Aleksei Petrik (Russia)
2. Marcin Waszkielis (Poland)
3. Lukas Kowal
Sword and Buckler (female)
1. Maria Davydova (Russia)
2. Aleksandra Soloshenko (Kazakhstan)
3. Aleksandra Sokolsky (Ukraine)

Sword and Buckler (male)
1. Ilya Ivanov (Russia)
2. Grigorii Chaploutskiy
3. Bohumil Masnicak (UK)

Longsword (female)
1. Anastasiya Meshcheryakova
2. Olga Grabovskaya (Ukraine)
3. Sigrid Karlsson (Sweden)

Longsword (male)
1. Sergey Ukolov (Russia)
2. Alexandr Vasilinic (Ukraine)
3. Vladimir Maksimenko (Latvia)

Polearm (female)
1. Olga Grabovskaya (Ukraine)
2. Alina Abdullaeva (Russia)
3. Maja Celińska (Poland)
Polearm (male)
1. Yaroslav Rusanov (Russia)
2. Mihal Bednarski (Poland)
3. Kang Lu (China)

Triathlon (female)
1. Alina Lappo (Russia)
2. Anastasia Meshcheryakova (Russia)
3. Maria Davydova (Russia)

Triathlon (male)
1. Alexey Petrik (Russia)
2. Sergey Ukolov (Russia)
3. Ilya Ivanov (Russia)

Mass battles nominations
5 vs 5 (male)
1. Russia 1
2. Russia 3
3. UK 1

5 vs 5 female
1. Russia
2. Finland
3. Ukraine

12 vs 12
1. Russia
2. UK
3. Belarus
30 vs 30
1. Russia
2. Ukraine
3. UK
The best fighter of the Championship is the UK National team fighter Pawel Kurzak
The best female fighter is Svetlana Fedorova from the Russian national team.
Light weight:
1. Viacheslav Levakov (Russia)
2. Mykola Shalimov (Ukraine)
3. Anatolii Iushan (Moldova)
Middle weight:
1. Alexander Nadezhdin (Russia)
2. Lucas Kowal (UK)
3. Maksim Skorikau (Belarus)
Heavy weight:
1. Ilia Dragan (Moldova)
2. Sebastian Coors (Germany)
3. Maksim Slavchenko (Russia)
Super heavy weight:
1. Alexey Petrik (Russia)
2. Lukasz Wojciechowski (Poland)
3. Artem Semenenko (Moldova)
Profights. Female
1. Anastasia Meshcheryakova (Russia)
2. Irina Rogozovsky (Israel)
3. Melanie Gras (Germany)
In addition to the amazing fighting nominations, the competition program also included non-fighting nominations from the Authenticity Committee:
– The Best Individual Authentic Armour: Martin Elberse (The Netherlands)
– The Best Male Authentic Costume: Paddy Shaw (USA)
– The Best Female Authentic Costume: Daria Morgulis (Israel)
– The Best Medieval Camp: Ukraine
– The Best Team Armor: Belarus
The HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 was tough and incredibly intense! A  motto of the HMB sport “Fight and travel” has once again justified itself – many participants discovered hospitable Serbia, which warmly welcomed the Championship.
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania