“Battle of the Nations”-2019: changes in fighting categories

29 Sep 2018 19:03
During the report of Ivan Koryagin, Head of the Tournament Committee and Evgenii Strjalkovsky, HMBIA advisory board, made a proposal to divide a pool of 5vs5 teams for the World championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2019 into 3 divisions of approximately equal level– gold, silver and bronze. According to Ivan Koryagin, the maximum number of 5vs5 teams in Gold division are 3, in Silver – 2 and in Bronze – 1 team. Such divisions are up for initual group stages.
According to Evgenii Strjalkovsky, fights inside the division are more spectacular and nobody can predict the results.Also its a big stimulus for teams to grow and improve their skills.
“We give to teams the motivation to move from the bronze devision to silver and further”.

Also there are some important changes in mass buhurt categories. Participants of the HMBIA General Assembly 2018 discussed the opportunity of introducing a 12vs12 buhurt category. It is the additional category for smaller National Teams. As Mr. Koryagin told: “The idea behind this is to give smaller National Teams stimulus to bring more fighters into action. As for big number of Teams it is quite hard to field a 21vs21 Team, this intermediate category will lower the barrier and allow the smaller National Teams to compete with their fight in 21vs21”.

Ivan Koryagin and Evgenii Strjalkovsky offerd to implement 30vs30 that replaces 21vs21 buhurt category as well. It is the upper level category for bigger National Teams based on the now defunct All vs All. This category allows international alliances unlike 12vs12. According to the head of the Tournament Committee, such fights brings more ground for tactical schemes, field strategy and has a historical background.

All participants of the 10-th Anniversary World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” will have the opportunity to celebrate this date with unforgettable 150 vs 150 fight! Ivan Koryagin told that teams will be composes on the basis of 30vs30 teams and both teams of 150 have to be formed before the Battle of the Nations -2019 to allow time to discuss strategy. HMBI News sure that this combat will be so spectacular and exiting. It is the Big War that everyone was waiting for!

During the dialog about changes in the fighting categories, online participant of the Generlal Assembly 2018 from the Netherlands asked if there is an opportunity to organise fights in the special separate category “Female All vs All”. This question was voted on as well.

So after a great discussion such a question was voted on: 5vs5 will be made in different divisions according to the statement listed in the tournament committee document
12 vs 12 is a new category with the same rules and regulations as 5vs5 except for the divisions
30 vs 30 replaces 21 vs 21 with same rules and regulations as 21vs21 except an unlimited number of mercenaries
150 vs 150 will be a new mass battle experiment that will be formed on the basis 30 vs 30 teams alliances
Women “All vs All” will be available upon registration
Voting results: 27 for and 0 against – Desicion is made

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania