Battle of the Nations – 2016

17 Sep 2015 20:04

Great news for HMB lovers! We want to uncover the mysterious dates of the most exciting HMB event of the next year. Are you ready? Just take your calendar and encircle the long-expected dates: 6th-9th of May 2016. Cancel all your plans for these days and wait for the most magnificent Battle of the Nations 2016! Many people all over the world hold their breath and wait for the championship with you. Battle of the Nations is the place, where the history revives and unforgettable medieval atmosphere feels everywhere. Next year we expect thousand of participants and tens of thousands of viewers. With every year HMB movement grows more and more, involves new countries and develop veterans, and we are proud to announce that we expect fighters from 35 countries at Battle of the Nations 2016. HMBIA has already started preparations of such great event. Don’t miss the most impressive full contact armored fighting competition, so book your vacation right now and look forward to the most amazing Battle of the Nations 2016!

Follow the news, we will announce the place of the championship later this autumn.
HMBIA team

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania