“Battle of the Nations – 2015″ from the participant’s point of view.

20 May 2015 11:26
This year for the first time in the history of the championship fighters from different countries could gather the alliances, fighting under the banner of the one or another national team in “21 vs 21″.
Those who had to get to continental Europe for attending the “Battle of the Nations” shared their impressions from the innovation with the editors of our website.

Mark Taylor, captain of the National Team of UK

I like everything. The schedule is pretty tight, and finally you can participate in buhurt, what is most wonderful! We have partnered with this year, and they will go into the fight under our banners. Next year, maybe we’ll switch if we are in the minority, and they gather a large team. I love two-handed axe so that mass battle suits me well. To create an alliance is not a problem at all. The main thing is to trust the other team.
Of course, within each team there should be a clear hierarchy: if you organize captains, who organize their teams of five, everything is settled and looks quite simple. The dividing of the flanks allows each of them to practice autonomously in their own country. Then you just gather and discuss strategy, that’s all. If your fighters are disciplined, a joint training session is optional. Perhaps in the future we would draw a diagram as they do in other team sports, and the fighters would move along the lists in accordance with the scheme, but for now we simply ask each fighter about his strong points, and then built our rows according to these advantages.

Anthony Lynch, captain of the National Team of USA

In America I myself coordinate a department that is in charge of the event organization, so I am aware that the world championship could not pass without a bump in the road. However, I and my team love it here. You see, this sport in America looks very different. We fight with wasters, and the rules of the duel can be boiled down to the one that is mainly important: you do not hit the opponent below the knee. When we joined the “Battle of the Nations”, we had a hard start. We returned home with a clear understanding that we can perform better, and began to train like crazy. In 2012, we were fourth after Russia, Ukraine and Poland. This year we also did well and not going to lose our ground in the future. For Americans, the historical medieval battle is attractive for the reason it allows to feel the connection with the roots because we all remember our European origin, whatever it was.

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1st-4th July
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