“Battle of the Nations – 2015″. Afterword.

18 May 2015 11:16

So, after the “Battle of the Nations-2015″ is over, after the results of the championship were summarized with national teams gathered on the large lists, the only thing left is to collect memories.

So, the “Battle of the Nations-2015” is over. After the championship results were summarized before a gathering of the national teams in the large lists, the only thing left was to recount memories.

Daria Volkova from Israel became the winner in the category “Best authentic costume” for women. Tadeas Chramosta from the Czech Republic became the winner in the “Best authentic costume” for men category.

The victory for the “Best authentic armor” category went to the Belarus team.

The victory for the “Will to win” category went to the U.S. A. team.

The victory for the “Fighting progress” category went to the Czech team.

The winners in the men’s duels category are the Russians: 3rd place – Alexey Petrik, 2nd place – Sergey Ukolov, 1st place – Yevgeniy Lapik.

In the interview for our website, Yevgeniy Lapik told that the Russians are not planning to give up the championship to anyone. He also offered some advice to the beginners.

“Fight strong, and you will become strong,” he said, “Fight weak, and you’ll become weak. I was beaten this way, that way and every way, but that is how I finally became a champion”.

In addition, Yevgeniy drew the attention of novices to the physical training aspect: “If a person cannot do simple push-ups, there is no way for such a person to handle fencing with the sword”.

He also admitted that the overall level of HMB athletes has improved noticeably, but the number of worthy opponents hadn’t increased. In particular one of those is Ukrainian Nikolay Avenirov.

Similar to the men in the results, it was agreed that in the female duelling category, the Russians won, with third place being taken by Yana Zabolotnikova, second, by Tatiana Guseva, and first place, by Galina Kokhvakko.

According to the champion, the outcome of her fight with Guseva was decided within thirty seconds, in which Kokhvakko earned the decisive points. To begin with, Galina hit her in the shin, and when Tatiana Guseva tried to retaliate, Galina protected herself with her shield. The opponents moved in the stance, which left Galina knowing what to expect from Tatiana, and she used that experience.

“When Tatiana bent low, I turned, so as to be above, so I can strike her in the chest and on the head,” she shared the secret.

In the men’s halberd contests, the winners were: 3rd place – Jeff Gallie (USA), 2nd place – Michael Morgulis (Israel), 1st place – Alexey Naiderov (Russia).

In the category of “5 on 5″ places were distributed as follows:

3. Russia 3

2. Ukraine 1

1. Russia 1

The winners in the “Royal” category “21 on 21″:

5. France

4. USA

3. Belarus

2. Ukraine

1. Russia

In his interview to our resource, the captain of the French team Edouard Eme admitted that he expected more from his team.

“There were a lot of small errors, which prevented us from reaching the desired result, when we were almost there “, he said. – The absence of the usual comfort, and fatigue from travel to the location was combined with the stress of the tournament days, so I can say that we’ve performed as bad as last year”.

The opinion of the Ukrainian national team on that point, is radically opposite: they exclusively admit the apparent progress of the HMB fighters on the French national team. In addition, the national teams of the Czech Republic and Poland drew the attention of the Ukrainians.

The Belarusians agree with Ukrainians and Russians, when it comes to the overall level of European teams: their skill is gradually increasing, so that champions will have someone to fight with. Another improvement of this year was the draw: as it was noticed by the national team of Belarus, all the teams appeared to be in approximately the same conditions, i.e. in addition to the opportunity to meet with the leader and to retire from the competition, they had a chance to compete with others and win.

Speaking of the large lists, opinions amongst the teams were divided. The majority, however, agreed that it was ideal for “5 vs 5″.

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