Batiste Lacroix (France): “Don’t forget that every day you don’t train, your opponent will”

15 Jan 2018 18:34
Batiste Lacroix is young, but already a well-known person in the HMB-movement. Also Batiste is a talented and experienced fighter. His passion to the HMB sport grows from 2011 and no one can handle with it. Here is his HMB story that our hero told HMBIA News.

Batiste Lacroix:
“I have been fighting since July 2013, and involved in the global movement since 2012. I discovered the sport in 2011 through various videos online, mostly from Yurijful YouTube’s channel. The thing that really motivated me is seeing a full contact fight at a medieval festival. I was like ” I HAVE to do this!” Step by step I got closer to the French Federation and had my first fights at festivals – nothing to do with what we do today! And then went to the first Montbazon tournament”.

As a fighter he prefers “5 vs 5″ and “21 vs 21″ categories. There is some challenge for him. First of all – anything can happen during the fights in these categories. Opponents are coming from everywhere and it has a very interesting tactical side as well as a technical one. He likes the fast and paced side of it too. Also there is one more important thing for the sportsmen. That`s what he told us: “It’s a real challenge for me as a small fighter, but I’m getting more and more used to it and it keeps getting better and better! Plus, it is a challenge that makes you improve.”

But his family and their support helps Batiste to pass through all these difficulties. His parents and beloved wife help him in all possible ways. His father was a huge history lover and was amazed to see his son starting this. His mother, of course, was afraid for him, but she realized that nothing will make Batiste stop it. And, of course, priceless support of his wife – she helps and cheers all the team during the hardest fights.

He is over 4 years in the HMB sport and can`t remember his first fight, but he will never forget the beginning of his fights career: “I just remember that my armor was soooo heavy and restraining, but I managed to hit and fall with some guys. Nothing glorious!”
But he never gives up and now he is a serious opponent for many fighters! Batiste only wants to move forward in this sport and never planning to stop!

Batiste Lacroix:
“I am always trying to improve myself. I try to learn about training methods, fighting sports fitness, I did Muay Thai for 3 years and last year I started wrestling to improve various skills. I have also had the luck to train with Bayard and a little bit with Bern, it was the base of huge progress for me and taught me a lot. I try to train harder and better every day, and keeps focus. I am a very active person in general and I love sports so it’s a pleasure for me to train as much as I can. I have a lot to learn and I keep watching fights, videos, techniques from the best teams in the world to improve and learn as much as possible. Don’t forget that every day you don’t train, your opponent will”.

According to our hero, the motto “Fight and travel” is exactly what he liked! HMB sport gave him the possibility of traveling all over the world and meeting amazing people with the common interests. Batiste even told us that he’d met his wife during an exhibition fight. As an active person and passionate fighter he has great ambitions – he is working hard to be in a world top team! And as for the HMB movement, he’d like it to become an internationally recognized sport.

HMBIA News sure that due to such people as Batiste and other members of our movement, the HMB sport will become more and more popular all over the world. And our editorial office thanks to Batiste Lacroix for great conversations and traditionally wishes him great fights and glorious victories!

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