Balkanskiy, Estonia: “I’ve been thinking about being a knight armed with an axe since my childhood…”

09 Dec 2014 12:04

Mikhail Balkanskiy,
fighter of “Karu” club,
fighter of the National Team of Estonia

… Concerning his way to HMB sport

I’ve joined HMB sport recently. It happened after the traditional tournament in Narva. Then, after the fighting, we had a nice contact with Estonian soldiers. At that time my future comrades were fighting for the National Team of the Baltic States, but dreamt about their own, namely the National Team of Estonia. I started to train with them.

Actually, I’ve been practising fencing for 8 years, but the fighting was done on foam-rubber weapons, with almost no armor. I started practising full-contact battles seriously only a year ago. I like the fact that the rules are as free as possible, I mean you can use almost any techniques.

… Concerning his armor and weapons

Germany, the end of the fourteenth – the beginning of the fifteenth century. I think the armor provides the most reliable protection, and it looks beautiful.

As for weapons, I like axes, I’ve been thinking about being a knight armed with an axe since my childhood!

… Concerning his combat techniques and features

As for my favorite action… I do not know, I usually manage to bring down an opponent with a side kick. Can it be considered as my feature?

… Concerning tournament preparations

I mainly focus on strength exercises; tyre striking and bag punching develop my muscle memory.

… Concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2014

I am satisfied with the results of “Battle of the Nations”-2014. I realized that I needed to change my armor to something lighter, which I’m currently doing.

The best-remembered thing about Croatia is heat, or even this way – the HEAT. The brightest battle, perhaps, was the first battle against the Serbs, because it was the first one, and we won it. And I also remember two fights against Ukraine, we got good practice and I was beaten badly.

Now I’m watching battles trying to borrow some tactics. We are now thinking about new approaches, making global changes.

… Wishes to beginners

What can I wish them? Well, I’m still a beginner. I advise them to train, develop tactics and striking techniques.

Also, they should develop mutual understanding, it’s a very important point.

But never do one thing, namely never resort to clinches.


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