Axes, records and tough fights in Australia

10 Nov 2017 16:48
“The Timeline Cup”-2017 was held at Kryal Castle in Victoria, Australia, on the 28th – 29th of October. This event was held as part of a larger reenactment festival and was the last in a series of three selection tournaments to identify the National team of Australia for HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2018. Bryce Lightbody, part of the orgteam of the event told HMBIA News about the results of the event.
There was such nominations as “4vs4″ buhurts and all categories of duels.

Bryce Lightbody:
“Due to the laws in Victoria regarding carrying reenactment swords we decided to use only axes at the event. This created some very interesting fights and lead to the event being dubbed, “Axefest”- 2017. The duels were also conducted with axes which the competitors found very interesting and adapted to well”.

“The Timeline Cup”-2017 also held pro-fights as part of the AMC-Pro league – title fights for the light, middle and heavy weight decisions were scheduled. But, according to Bryce, only the heavy weight took place because the light and medium weight champions suffered injurious in the buhurt rounds. The victory went to the reigning champion Chris Fogwill.

Bryce Lightbody:
“The buhurts saw teams from 5 states, for the first time ever, competing in a round robin set up followed by the semi-finals and finals. Team Havoc took out the win followed by Team Kraken then Berserkers”.

All “The Timeline Cup”-2017 results are:
BUHURT “4vs4″
1ST – Team Havoc
2ND – Team Kraken
3RD – The Berserkers

1ST – Adam Miller
2ND – Jonathon Lyons
3RD – Leon Palmer

1ST – Adam Miller
2ND – Benoit Delville
3RD – Daniel Cooper

1ST – Adam Miller
2ND – Guy Vincent
3RD – Jason Nicholson

1ST – Tyler Ross-Clark
2ND – Jonathon Lyons
3RD – Guy Vincent

Everybody can see that HMB sport in Australia improving so fast – more fights, stronger hits, more medals. HMBIA News can`t wait to see the National team of Australia fighting on the lists of HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2018.

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