Australia prepares for Battle of the Nations

15 Apr 2021 00:02

On March 27, a qualifying tournament was held in Sydney. HMBIA News asked Bryce Lightbody, the HMB Australia team captain, to tell us more about the event.

“We’ve had a really cold and wet summer with massive floods over the last couple of weeks. Luckily it eased up just enough so the interstate teams could get through to participate in our Australian National Selection tournament. This was the first large HMB event we’ve had in Australia for 18 months so all the fighters were really looking forward to some buhurt. A couple of the states were unable to send teams but we still had a solid turnout. Of course we understand that due to Covid restrictions we probably won’t be able to travel internationally until next year. But as soon as we’re good to fly, we’ll be good to fight”, said Bryce.

The tournament was split into 2 days. One day was devoted to buhurts where 5 teams competed in the 5vs5 category. The results of the day were as follows:

1 place: Team Kraken
2 place: Queensland Brawlers
3 place: Team Havoc 

During the next day fights in duels took place here. There were fights in all duel categories as well as all weight divisions of profights and they got such results:


Sword and Shield: Lance Omeara
Sword and Buckler: Daniel Cooper
Longsword: Daniel Cooper
Polearm: Jaxon Harris

<75: Kyle Weblin
75 to 85: Sam Wride
85 to 95: Lance Omeara
95>: JakeTaylor


Sword and Shield: Riyana Kasmawan
Sword and Buckler: Siobhan Oxford
Longsword: Riyana Kasmawan
Polearm: Skye Burnie

Profight: Riyana Kasmawan

According to Bryce Lightbody, it is planned that his team will take part in women’s and men’s 5v5 buhurts, duels and All for All fights for women. In addition, Australians will enter the lists in the 12 vs 12 and 30 vs 30 categories.

“Plenty of fighting to be had for us in Romania. I`m going to fight as well. Of course, It makes it hard to run the team and fight as well but I wouldn’t miss the chance to fight at BotN. By the way, I`m proud that we have a lot of new fighters in our team and a huge amount of new fighters across Australia. The selection tournament was the first competition for four of our fighters”.

However, that the Battle of the Nations has been postponed to 2022, Bryce said that another qualifying tournament for the HMB Australia  team will be held here closer to the date of the Championship.

In the meantime, Australia is planning to focus on hosting as many domestic tournaments at regional and national levels as possible.

HMBIA News editors are excited to get so much good news from Australia. We wish Bryce Lightbody and all fighters of this country to hold as many tournaments as possible and, of course, new victories and good opponents. 


Photos by Nikki De Lacovo

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania