Ates Erdogan (Turkey): The organization was fantastic.

12 May 2017 17:38
The National team of Turkey participated HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” for the first time. Everybody could not wait to meet them on the list. Ates Erdogan, captain of the Turkish team told HMBIA News about his impressions of tournament and his opponents.
Ates Erdogan: “We fought Mexico-2, Poland-3 and UK-1. We learned a lot from all of them, but Poland was the most challenging. Mexicans were very warm and they taught us a lot about buhurt tactics after our match. The organization was fantastic. Everyone was very helpful. People responded to the questions quickly and efficiently. We liked it very much and will definitely come next year”.

Captain also told us great news that “Battle of the Nations”-2017 helped them a lot in different ways. First of all, they got priceless experience in fights.

Ates Erdogan: “Right after “Battle of the Nations”-2017 we found a sponsor for our workouts. From now on, we will train for free four times a week. We are also knocking on the doors of local governments and businessmen for sponsorship. We planned several seminars throughout the summer for buhurt. Also, we will start teaching buhurt with soft equipment by the end of June 2017. Hope to win Russians next time. That is a far away goal for now… but one day…”

We will be waiting for the National team of Turkey next year and wish them tough fights and more tournaments!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania