Artem Vasiliev, Russia: “The work of the League is aimed at creating strong teams”

16 Jan 2018 17:19

The beginning of the Buhurt League system`s work was announced during the HMBIA General Assembly on the 30th of September, 2017. But the work on its creation began long before the Assembly. HMBIA launched the system, and the first tournament of the Buhurt League was ITOC, which was held in Springfield (USA) on October 13-14.

For today the system works already 3 months, there are more than 100 teams from 23 different countries became part of it – 13 female teams were registered. In addition, the organizers of 24 tournaments have applied for registration in the Buhurt League System, and 9 of them have already been conducted. Also there are first results – the statistics of HMB-clubs registered in this system. You can see the statistics of clubs in the picture.

In addition, work is being done in all directions to optimize the operation of the system. The brand-manager of the Buhurt League Artem Vasiliev (Russia) told HMBIA News about it:

“I want to thank to the HMBIA team because they`ve made a huge contribution to the process of launching the Buhurt League.The work has just only begun. The main thing is that we started the work of the Buhurt League.The League’s work is currently aimed at creating strong teams, but the teams are made up of fighters and, of course, in the future, we will allocate the best fighters of tournaments and possibly make statistics for each person. In addition, we are waiting for a new website that should simplify all the processes for fighters and organizers.We also plan to expand the list of tournaments for the season and, of course, to hold the first Buhurt Prime tournament.”

The coordinator plans to expand the League – more new teams and tournaments and, of course, convenient online statistics and registration. Artem Vasiliev still has many ideas for further development of the Buhurt League, but, as he said, now the main thing was to stabilize the system for easy working with information about teams and tournaments.

Vasiliev is sure that soon the Buhurt League will be able to keep statistics not only of clubs in general, but also the rating of individual fighters, which will undoubtedly affect their demand both in the club or National teams and as legionaries.

According to Artem, now there is an active work with the organizers of the tournaments, the collection, processing of statistical data and creating content for groups in social medias, such as VKontakte and Facebook.

Also, you can register on the site that the Buhurt League team works on and ask all the questions of interest. The presentation of the new site will take place in the nearest future.

In addition, all the information and news about the work of the Buhurt League can be found in official League groups on social networks:


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