Artem Vasiliev: 12 years in the HMB movement!

12 Jan 2018 16:17
The Buhurt League System is growing fast. New teams are registered in it every day all over the world, which means that more and more work is being done. Artem Vasiliev from St. Petersburg (Russia) is a coordinator of the System. He is well known among the participants of the HMB movement, and he got to HMB in 2005. All these 12 years he combines the organizational work and fights – Artem is a member of the “Bern” club since 2004.

Artem Vasiliev:
“I have been involved in the HMB since 2005. I took part in all the important events of historicalreconstruction and HMB, recently I was engaged in the development of HMB Russia. I`m trying to combine the organization of tournaments and fights. I hope to combine it in the future as well”.

Artem was involved in the organization of Russian tournaments before the Buhurt League. Among his most successful projects, he highlights such tournaments as “Battle on the Neva River”, “Recon” and “Dynamo Cup”-2015.

As the a coordinator of the Buhurt League System, Vasiliev plans to expand its boundaries as much as possible. There is an increase in the number of teams and tournaments involved, simplification of the system for its participants. For example, convenient online statistics and registration. However, his primary goal is the a stabilization of the work of the Buhurt League. Also, there are plans to conduct combat statistics: not only clubs, but also the rating of individualfighters. According to Artem, the individual statistics will have a positive impact on the fighter`s career.

As for the HMB sport, Artem does not plan to leave the a list. According to Artem, in HMB sport he likes the process of battle, the combination of technology, strategy and courage of the fighters. And, of course, that feeling when you leave a field with a victory.

HMBIA News editorial office thanks Artem Vasiliev for the interview and wishes him success inhis work on the Buhurt League System and on the lists as well! Interesting tasks and their successful implementation.


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