Argentina – Women Profights Tournament

07 Jul 2016 13:27

25th of June Buenos Aires held first pro-fight tournament for female fighters. 15 girls from different parts of Argentina gathered in park to find out who is the toughest one. Andy Di Francesco, part of orgteam of the tournament told HMBIA News more details about that interesting event.

Andy Di Francesco:
“At first the idea was to make a really small tournament to promote Women League, but as so many gilrs wanted to participate, we decided to make an official tournament. There were only profigth, -80 kg (11 girls) we made a tournament to get one winner, and +80 (4 girls) we made individual challenges”.
According to Andy, there were only argentinian girls because is the first tournament, and, to tell the truth, they organized it in a short time. Andy and other organizers hope that next such event they will make bigger.

Andy Di Francesco:
“There are not too much girls outside Argentina, and near to come. I think one from Chile, and two from Brazil, the trip is so expensive. And of course we need more time to organize it. I can say that this event became bigger than we thought, but still is not big enough to make it international”.

So here is the results of tournament:

1st: Maru Moyano – Prov. Cordoba (Club Pecari Wildschweine Krieger)

2nd: Sofia Sueldo – Capital Federal (Club CECM HMB & Bohurt Club)

3rd: Puesto: Rocio Peñaloza – Prov. San Juan (Club Guardia del Bastión HMB y Bohurt)

Category 1vs1: (+80 kg) (4 warriors – 6 fights)

1st: Martina Ochoa – Zona Sur – Bs As(Club Valherjes HMB Club de Combate Medieval

2nd: Ana Esperanza – Zona Sur – Bs As (Club Valherjes)

3rd: Nadia Ruiz – Zona Sur – Bs As (Club Valherjes)

As every creator, Andy Di Francesco wants so much to see the result of her work and vizit the event.

Andy Di Francesco:
“I cauldn`t go to vizit the tournament 🙁 because I’m at 400 km and as I’m near the birth date the doctors don’t let me travel, so I’m just organizing it”.


So let`s wish Andy good health and her team that organised Female Profights Tournament. We want to wish inspiration and new interesting ideas for the tournaments. And let`s thank Andy for developing HMB-sport in Argentina.


Photos of the event by Nahuel Torres


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