Antonio De Zio’s election promise

07 Dec 2017 18:18

Elections of the new HMBIA President is getting closer. We (HMBIA News) propose to familiarize yourself with Antonio De Zio’s election program and his vision of further HMBIA development.

Antonio De Zio’s HMBIA development program for the nearest 5 years:

• The growth of the young section in HMB soft. Without changing some element, teams are going to vanish. We have to let our teams grow and create new teams at the same time, it is necessary for the development of our sport.

• A regulation valid for one year that has to be approved each year at least before September.

• A better synergy with the Marshal Committee and the creation of internal staffs in the National Federations.

• The creation of protocol about materials and security in game valuable at least for five years, to adapt and unify the rules at an international level. We hope in a uniform level of certification and classification of materials in HMBIA.

• A clear guide to historical authenticity accepted in competitions, linked to more synergy with Authenticity Committee. The creation of a stocktaking core inside the Federal Nations.

• The formation of guide lines for the development and the methods of various tournaments. The specific minimums standards necessaries for the organization of sport events and necessaries to give credits to the National Institutions who host the events.

• International monitoring staff that will focus on the growth opportunities. In order to control and solve possible national conflict, to organize and be present during international events and to help whit the growth of some leagues.

• Empowering the Buhurt League Circuit.

• The creation of a uniform and clear regulation focused on the creation of individual and team Ranking, on a National and International base. Data has to be collected during each circuit.

• Reinforcement and consolidation of means of communications between National and International workgroups.

• Research of founds and sponsor focused on the activities of each single country to increase the maintaining of National teams and to ensure a broad participation to International tournaments and to the Battle of the Nations.

• A first approach to the official recognizing of HMB by official channels on an international level. For each nation there will be a Federation.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania