Antonio De Zio, Italy: “May 24, at our last training I will decide whether we take with us our female fighter”

23 May 2014 14:20

This year we should be able to bring about 36 fighters!

Italian National team is going to participate in “1 vs 1” triathlon (3 fighters), “5 vs 5” category (3 teams) and also “Royal category”. Moreover on the 24th of May we will have our last training and I will decide whether we take with us our female fighter for “Women category”.

Perhaps, the category where we can hope to have the best results is “1 vs 1”. The athlete who was ranked first at the Italian selections is Federico Scolari (Vargas). He has just got the fourth place at the tournament in Spain in the sword-shield category, so we hope that we will be able to have some good achievements in Croatia. The runner-up is Simone Cantore, who has been training a lot throughout the year. Our third athlete is Zangrandi Fabio, a young man who was a surprise to all of us! I hope he’ll manage to surprise opponents at “Battle of the Nations” too.

Talking about the teams for the “5 vs 5” category, we’ve increased the training level. We hope to have stronger and more solid teams.

Concerning the Royal Category, last year we improvised a little bit and had few reserves, but this year we are better organized. The main difficulty is that all the opponents participating in this category are very strong…

Antonio De Zio,
captain of National team of Italy

Interview by
Elisabeth Irha

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