Anton Trubnikov: “Serious tournaments should be held in HMB format”

28 Mar 2014 10:14

Organizers of “Battle of the Nations” think of standardization of tournaments according to HMB format.

The information was conveyed by Anton Trubnikov, HMBIA President. The first steps will be made in Nuremberg in late spring 2014.

“We plan to hold a serious event in Nuremberg (Germany) in May. An international festival and tournament will take place there. This year we want to make it more standardized according to HMB format. International marshals will come there, we’ll take into account all the nuances distinguishing a HMB tournament from usual events, which are held everywhere”, said Trubnikov.

According to him, among the distinctive features of a HMB tournament are presence of international marshals, qualitative regulations, good accompanying sound and commenting, comfortable stands, wooden lists, and several other points.


“There is no standardization now, tournaments differ greatly. There are large qualifiers which gather around 70 fighters and 30 spectators who have to sit on stools and can see nothing… To avoid all these variations, we want to standardize everything,” said HMBIA President.

He also said that creation of an appropriate tournament grid is planned for the future, it’ll allow fighters to participate in the events of such level at least once a month.

“We position HMB as a real sport, like rugby, American football. They are also full-contact group battles,” said Anton Trubnikov.

Victor Ponomarenko

“HMBIA News”

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