Anthony Lynch, USA: “I’ll gonna have exact same trials and tribulations as all my fighters”

29 Sep 2014 10:01

People of the HMB movement

Anthony Lynch,
One of the organizers of International Tournament of Chivalry (ITOC), Springfield, Illinois.

… About the forming of USA National Team

The next season our goal is to get local groups to form clubs and work hard together to bring together a national team. What the idea is that we gonna fight 8-men teams or 5-men teams with people who know each other locally and they can work together.

Previously the teams had been groups that are far away from each other and they couldn’t train as a unit, and now we are trying to train together as a unit.

Our goal is to bring the whole team to the Battle of the Nations -2015. I’m not sure what numbers gonna be. I think we will bring a lot of challenge. We will bring a lot of solid teams, and I hope we’ll gonna have a 21-men team too.

… About the elections of National Team Captain and own chances in them

The Elections will be held in Springfield, Illinois at the International Tournament of Chivalry (ITOC) and I will participate. I think I have excellent chances. I have a long history in the sport.

I was on the very first team that went to “Battle of the Nations”-2012 in Poland in far and I learned a lot and I’ve been in a leadership of HMB- sport since we joined in 2012.

I think that I have solid chances. I have a lot of experience to bring. I`m a very good fighter I can bring a lot personal understanding.

… About the development of HMB movement in the US

My plan is to grow small groups. Like I see happening in Russia where clubs like “Bern” or the Ukrainian team. The top teams in the world become the best by having good local competition for people supporting and working together.

My honest I want this goal to see 50 clubs in USA in next 24 month that are all competing with each other to be better. So we wait each other up in local competitions.

… About the “ITOC” and team spirit

Of course I will participate as a fighter! I think the key to being a captain of the team is having experience. You need to go through the same trials that people that will fight with you, so I’m gonna have exact same trials and tribulations as all my fighters.

… About the expectations and hopes

I was in a team that fought “Russia-3” in France and going to have a chance to fight oversea teams at this event. I’d like to re-match and I’d like to do better this time than I did last time.

I really like Russian and Ukrainian teams, I have friends over there and I looking for really tough fighting. I know that Russian and Ukrainian and Belorussian fighters will bring a top level of competition.

So it’s gonna be a great tournament, because there will be so many good fighters there and it’s great opportunity to learn.

… About the money issue

I expect to be no team costs. ITOC in Springfield (Illinois) is free to all fighters, 100% free to do that. To go over and be on the team, if I am the Captain I don’t expect there will be a fee to being on a team.

So to go oversea you’ll need to pay for your surcoat and buy your ticket, but no fees. We will work together to find funding to cover other team needs.

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