Allan Schiller, (Denmark): “I believe the right way to do it, is to let the teams be who they are …”

30 Mar 2017 18:15
National team of Denmark participates in HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” not for the first year and its captain Allan Schiller is not the beginner in HMB sport. This year, Denmark, also, will come to Barcelona. HMBIA News had an interesting conversation with Allan Schiller, captain of the National team of Denmark. He told us about his team and his special strategy.

Allan Schiller: “This year Team Denmark will consist of 30 fighters, both men and women. The National team was formed out of the Danish teams called “Broderskabet”, “Jyske Knejte” and “Copenhagen Medieval Fighting Club” (CMFC). These teams were chosen as it was the only three teams that could participate as full teams at the national qualifying tournament. This year we will have three teams in the category of “5vs5″, also we will assist another team in “21vs21″. Our female fighters will participate in the “3vs3″ and in the “shield and sword” category”.

Mr. Schiller also added that there will be newcomers in his National team. According to him, these guys are tough fighters, but they never took part in the “Battle of the Nations”.

Allan Schiller: “We have two new teams, they have not been at “Battle of the Nations” as teams. They do have a great deal of experience. But “Battle of the Nations” is going to be the real test for many of them. I think they have the skills to compete and get past the group fights depending on who they are ranked with”.

Also, Allan told us his own strategy of making his team cohesive and friendly. HMBIA News couldn`t keep this secret and here is it.

Allan Schiller: “As a national captain, I believe the right way to do it, is to let the teams be who they are and let them decide for themselves whom they want to fight with. We don´t mix our teams, as we believe that people who train together are better off fighting together at tournaments”.

These are the words of a wise man! In next articles, HMBIA News will try to find out how other captains of National teams work with their fighters. But, for now we want to wish National team of Denmark and to Allan Schiller great fights and a lot of impressions after the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” – 2017.


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