“Alexander Nevsky Cup” in St. Petersburg: bright event on the city day

26 May 2017 19:08
“Alexander Nevsky Cup” festival is to take place on 27 May in St. Petersburg (Russia). Organizers coupled such extraordinary event with the city day. Al Askerov – member of the organizational committee of the festival and head of HMB-Soft-Russia told HMBIA News what interesting activities await participants and spectators of the festival.

According to Al, the event will be rich with sports as well as with entertainment. Spectators will see HMB battles in such categories:

“3×3” among men in full armor;
“Polearm with barrier” in soft equipment;
“Duels” in soft armor among teenagers;

Also, lots of contests, master classes and demonstrations of crafts, interactives about the elder craft, historical fencing grounds, fair with unique handmade and, of course, the show-programme await those who decides to spend their Saturday on the “Alexander Nevsky Cup”.

Here, children and adults can be taught how to shoot a bow, throw sulicza (kind of an ancient dart); shown the basics of smithcraft and pottering. Furthermore, after the professional battles, anyone who feels like it can spend a couple of rounds in the soft armor with sparring partners or complete the “obstacle course”.

Apart from everything aforementioned, on the festival you will see:
– Interactive camp-museum of the military-historical clubs of various times from antiquity to modern times;
– Horse riders’ tournament;
– Open military-patriotic game for young people;
– Historical and stylized goods fair;
– Exciting show-programme;
– Photo zones with replicas of the historical equipment, weapons, armor, accessories, costumes, household items. 

Undoubtedly, organizers of the “Alexander Nevsky Cup” made some real effort and everyone will be able to find a preferred activity.

HMBIA News would like to thank the festival’s organizers – Interregional social organization to aid military-historical reconstruction development “Doblest’ vekov” for the information and photo materials.

Festival’s website: www.kuboknevskogo.ru


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