Alexander Davydov: “We had a good marshals team this year…”

28 Jun 2016 14:56
Alexander Davydov: “We had a good marshal’s team this year…”
HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” is really a great event and from year to year it becomes bigger and better. For fighters it’s an opportunity to fight more battles and have more nominations – for marshals – more work to do. This year it was a 5 days event – and it was much harder for marshals. So HMBIA news decided to continue our series of articles about “Battle of the Nations” and write about Alexander Davydov, head of the HMBIA marshal committee.
Alexander Davydov: “We had a good marshal’s team this year – from different countries and continents. Unfortunately some really experienced marshals from the USA, Italy and New Zeeland were unable to come – we understand that there are always personnel issues about that and would like to see them next year”.
Marshals are important members in HMB-sport structure. You can love them or not, but you can`t imagine any tournament, any fight without them. Marshal is an orden in the list. During our conversation with Alexander he mentioned few important moment of marshals work.
Alexander Davydov: “From my opinion, the structure of marshal’s work includes some moments – exact persons, organizational moments and specialization. From year to year we see how grows the level of teams – better armor, better level, tactics and respect to opponents on the battlefield – we try to grow too – international summits, participating in different tournaments. The organizational moments connected with the rules and exact moment on the field – the list, video and schedule – this moments depends not from marshals but become base for our work. Specialization is also very important – some of us are keen on technical commission, some on 1 vs 1 and some on mass battles. We try to consider all this moments to organize our work better”.
As everybody knows, one of benchmarks of HMB marshal`s works is Appeals. The team has right to argue their position if they disagree with marshal’s decision. As Alexander told us, for this year it was only 6 appeals – for previous year 28. He also trying to improve marshal`s work by taking the feedback from teams.
Alexander Davydov and HMBIA team tried to prepare more new marshals for this year and on this BOTN everybody could see some new faces from different countries. It’s good that HMB sport already have a good pool of experienced marshals so for new marshals it’s easier to become a part of working team. Two principal moments really bad for our work: when marshal try to be everywhere to show his work and becomes irritating for fighters and from another side – when marshal is too hesitant – both of this moment are bad for marshal`s work. Marshal must make clear decisions but only when it’s really needed!
Alexander Davydov: “There is really good institute of trainee-marshals – it’s an opportunity for new ones to work with their experienced colleagues to get an experience. Some time we have misunderstands when captains or fighters try to work with trainees and trainees can’t help them because they don’t have authority and competence of certified marshals. This year we’ve got two new marshals after the BOTN event but we still don’t have enough marshals for our worldwide work.
The last but not the least moment is an opportunity to work with other Committees of HMBIA –  and I really want to thank them and of cause the volunteers group”.
HMBIA News thanks Alexander Davydov for the interview and wish him continued success in his hard work.

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