Alexander Davydov on Summit 2016 in Milan: Personally, I was preparing for this event in a special way…”

28 Dec 2016 14:22
HMBIA News continues a series of articles on summaries of HMB Summit 2016 in Milan. Reportedly, not only National teams’ captains took part in it, heads of various committees did too. Alexander Davydov, head of marshals committee, shared his impressions with our journalist and told about the work of his committee’s summaries.
Alexander Davydov:
“This time the delegations were more than representative and apart from official part, there was a discussion of plenty of organizational and technical moments. One shouldn’t forget that the key decisions, collected during the year from fighters, organizers and judges, filtered by the marshals committee are presented on the Captain’s summit.

Personally, I was preparing for this event in a special way – apart from current report and perspectives, it was a kind of a summary of work for the last few years. General moments were – discussion of changes in rules (halberd nomination), captain’s right to throw a “white flag” and correction of some unfortunate inaccuracies. Moreover, a system of marshals’ rating was presented, which will be forming by organizers and will allow for making the evaluation of judges’ work more objective and to assemble organizers and judges into a single informative space”.

In his presentation, the head of marshals committee talked about the conception of formation of the rules and regulations. From other important decisions of technical aspects of the rules – struggle with “dangerous” weaponry and development of an application, in which there will be general parameters of weapons in the form of a table – this way we will be able to simplify the rules text and we will have a simple and universal mechanism both for judges and fighters.

Mr. Davydov also emphasized one more moment that is nonetheless important.

Alexander Davydov:
“Cooperative work of the committees is an important aspect, which in perspective allows for our sport to advance in the level of quality”.

Such statement is difficult to argue with, as teamwork of team of accomplices is one of the principles of HMBIA’s work. Our editorial would like to thank Alexander Davydov for an interview and wishes him and his committee fruitful work.

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1st-4th July
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