Alberto Baal Jimenez: “We know there is still a long way ahead…”

20 May 2014 15:54
People of HMB movement
Alberto Baal Jimenez,
captain of the National Team of Mexico 
…concerning his Team

Team Mexico was formed in February of the year 2013, it happened at a seminar when we listened to some information about “Battle of the Nations.”
A few months later I went to Aigues-Mortes for two reasons, namely to arrange participation of Mexico in this great competition and to see what we needed for that purpose. In June of that year we gathered several clubs and artisans, such as “Sociedad de Caballeros de Luz”, “Members of Draccolish”, “Ardemac”, “Baaldam Artesanos”, “Cuchilleria Artesanal Javier Brito”, “Cimmerian Calzado Medieval”, and several members of different groups from across Mexico.
We joined efforts to create the “Asociacion Mexicana de Combate Historico Medieval” to achieve the goal of building Team Mexico, since then we have been training, gathering resources, and fighters, we know there is still a long way ahead, but we are prepared to fight and learn from the most experienced teams at the competition and it’ll be honor for us to cross swords with them.

We have 16 fighters in the association, but for economic reasons we’ll bring only 7 to the tournament, we also have a female fighter but unfortunately she won’t be able to go this year. At this competition we will only participate in the “5 vs 5” category, we hope we will be able to bring more fighters next year to participate in other categories.

Since we are a new team, we cannot tell how good we are, we haven’t fought against other countries and we have trained only in team battles, but we are confident we will show our best on the lists.

One of our strongest fighters is our blacksmith, several years of hammering the anvil made him a very tough opponent. We hope he’ll be on equals with strong opponents! He is a very noble person and the whole team esteems him a lot.

Our expectations concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2014 are huge. For many of our fighters

it’s their first time out of the country, it’s the first time Mexico will participate in a sport of this kind, we want to show our best   in the competition and hope to meet the expectations of the international community.Wait for June 12 to see the Mexican debut.

Interview by
Elisabeth Irha

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