Adventures of the Argentinians in Moscow: 2 parts

14 Dec 2017 18:00
Part 1: “The flight to Moscow”

Argentina took part in “Dynamo Cup” not for the first time, but this time was unforgettable for them. This is a story not about failures, but about the fact that everything can be overcome if there is a losing desire to achieve one’s goal. The goal of the Argentinians was to participate in the “Dynamo Cup”-2017 and they did it!

First of all, one of the Argentinian teams could not come to Moscow at all, and the fighters from other team of this country came to Moscow in the early Saturday morning and their luggage was detained. Two of them didn’t have armours, because they were lost during the travel.

Nevertheless, thanks to timed corrections of the combat schedule, all the teams managed to start the fighting, and the fighters from Argentina demonstrated the unswerving determination and will to win during the battles, despite all the annoying troubles and fatigue. Marcos Villani told us about it: “I was so proud to participate there with my team. Is the hardest tournament in the world. And finally we could be there. We had too many problems with the travel. But we could arrive. Two of us don’t have armours, because were lost during the travel. So we couldn’t fight with the full team in “5 vs 5″. But equals the guys are so happy”.

Also Marcos mentioned that now his guys knew, how this championship is going, they want to be ready for next year. They want to be there next year, with more fighters and more training. HMBIA News hopes to meet them next year and see their fights. And, of course, more snow would be a great decoration to make this trip really unforgettable for them.

Part 2: “Moscow snow and an Argentinian girl”

HMBIA News have already mentioned about the adventures of the Argentinians in Moscow. But there were one romantic and nice detail we want to tell you. Marcos told our reporter, that it was the first time he’d traveled to Moscow with his wife Valy Wainer and that was so beautiful to be with her in this city watching the snow.

Marcos Villani:
“It was her first snow in the city. That was so nice. She was like a little child. We can`t make snowman, but we made so many snowballs. We had a great time in Moscow between the fights. We were there two days- meet friends and know a bit of the city”.

Valy Wainer, Marcos`s wife and an Argentinian HMB-marshal also told HMBIA News about the snow: “I’ve already knew snow, in Argentina there are several places with snow, I also ski. What I had never seen before was snowing in the city, my experience with the snowfalls was snowed very light and only on the mountain. I was fascinated to see the snow fall and turn white, Marcos’ beard became like Santa Claus has. See the shovels, the sweepers and even the people with their elements sweep the snow, the cars disappear under a white blanket and the inhabitants of Moscow sheltered without being moved by the weather. I liked the acoustic silence that happens when the snow is falling”.

Our editorial office hopes that next year “Dynamo Cup” will bring not only tough fights, but the moments of friendship, romantic and fun to all the participants.

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