Adam Ujvari: “Reenactment without an action is dull”

18 May 2015 15:11

This year’s “Battle of the Nations” welcomes fresh-men from Hungary and Netherlands.  How do they feel about what’s going on? This is one of the questions that we addressed to the captain of Hungarian team…
About being novices

We are here to gain our knowledge from the other more experienced fighters. I have no doubt that we’ll make new friends here, of course: that’s the additional benefit, I suppose. I know that there are a lot of sophisticated teams here from Russia, Italy, France etc.

About tactics

We have different fighters with different strong points and weaknesses, and we take both into account, when it comes to fight. In addition, we prefer to place tough experienced men in the front raw, so that they can take an advantage of the possessed experience.
About weapons

With the axe you burden your arm as it has no balance. With the sword your arm feels more flexible as your weapon should be balanced by itself, so that you can save your energy for the final cut or whatever. The point is, you’d better act regarding this knowledge or you could waste your energy with no result.

About HMB

I’ve started to fight, because reenactment without an action is dull. We have a few historical festivals in Hungary, but nothing special happens there, so I decided to join HMB-movement.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania