A story about an armored scientist

21 Jan 2020 14:13

Today HMBIA News will tell you a story about an archaeologist who picked up fighting. It is about the Italian girl who fell in love with HMB sport and did everything possible to enter the lists of the most important HMB competition – HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations!

Beatrice Pellegrini was born in Milan, Italy. She had a normal life; studying and hanging out with friends. That’s when it happened to her. Her friend, who was a fighter of the Italian Team for a couple of editions, invited her to visit one HMB tournament in Italy few years ago. That introduction marked the start of a whole new life.

I’ve wanted to be a fighter since the first 5v5 I saw, 6 years ago. I helped as a supporter on BOTN 2015, 2016 and 2017. At the time I didn’t have the armour nor physical or mental preparation to fight. Then I watched my best friend Martina Ravarini winning the 3rd place in Barcelona, on BOTN 2017. I made up my mind and decided that the following year I would be ready to fight, at all costs. On May 5th 2018 I entered into the BOTN lists for the first time and I couldn’t believe it myself, actually”. 

Now she is a fighter of the Morning Stars team that was formed only this winter on February 2019. According to Beatrice, Morning Stars has great fighters with amazing potential.

She usually trains with the Taurus MFC team.
“I can’t put into words how I am thankful to those guys. They’ve helped me a lot to improve my physical condition and armour and they are always behind me at the lists, watching my back and ready to give me advice…they are my teammates, my coaches and, above all, good friends”, – she said.

She planned to become part of the X anniversary Battle of the Nations in Serbia, but missed this edition because of her studies. Of course it was a very difficult choice, but she had to stay at home and give herself a promise to be a national team fighter for the BOtN 2021.

Balancing studies and HMB trainings can be tough.

“My preparation is going through a lot of changes right now because I don’t think it is sufficient for what I want to achieve. I need to improve my strength and my physical condition in general, so me and my trainer are looking for a good training plan. It will include crossfit trainings 3 times a week, technique training once a week, and brief, fast runs to improve breathing”.

Of course she has a life outside the lists. As we have already mentioned she is an archaeologist, her graduation will be in few months and of course Beatrice can’t wait . “I’m majoring in hoplology and historical military technology. It goes with HMB like bread and butter.” Now she not only knows about the military technologies but can try it on her own.

And now we can tell you about she loves to do as a normal non armored human. Beatrice Pellegrini has two goldfishes, Hobbs and Locke. Good company pets and not so much talkative and she loves to travel and see new places, meet new people.

“Taking part to tournaments helps me in this! That’s why I hope to attend even more tournaments after my graduation, I can’t wait to meet new fighters! When I don’t have to train or to study, I like playing video games and hanging out, or taking care of my cactuses”.

All these years she has a big dream! The dream is about the Battle of the Nations and our girl do everything possible to make this dream come true:
“We are working on to form an Italian female team: we have the numbers, we have enough time and the girls have the right motivation. We want to bring a 5v5 female Italian Team for Battle of the Nations – 2021!”

HMBIA News is sure that Beatrice will enter the lists of the World Championship as a member of the Italian National team. The audience will surely support her! 


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania