A golden couple: Galina Kohvakko and Alexei Petrik

20 May 2017 12:37
The Russia’s Kohvakko-Petrik couple is famous among the HMB movement members. They travel a lot, take part in the tournaments and achieve many victories together. Championship of the world in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2017 was not an exception. The couple got two golden medals in the duel categories. Galina and Alexei won in the “Triathlon” and “Sword and shield” categories.
An outstanding result indeed! HMBIA News asked the couple to share their expressions after the battles and award ceremony.

Alexei Petrik: “Of course we feel happiness, pride for our country, which wins in all the categories. We put our two cents in the “Triathlon” and 1×1 categories”.

Galina Kohvakko: “We feel the team spirit, because we have gone through many adventures before taking part in the competition. I believe that we were in good emotional state here thanks our mutual support. A lot happened to us here and it could affect the outcome of the battles. We held on together and supported each other all this time. Alexei’s victory was very important to me, as I was fighting right after him and he made a wonderful example. My result, in its turn, was also important for him as for the trainer, because it is the result of his work as well. All our victories and results we achieve together. It’s not only our national team we had to worry about, but each other as well. We had to show what we learned, what we spent our whole fencing year on”.
We would like to congratulate Galina and Alexei with victories and wish them to cheer the HMB movement fans with beautiful, skillful and exciting battles. Looking forward to upcoming battles!

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