Johansen, Norway: “I’m ready for real tournaments!”

05 Oct 2014 09:22


– New people in the HMB movement

The HMB movement in Norway is only beginning to develop, we have had the first training recently. Before trying historical medieval battles in armor, most of our guys practised Scandinavian line fighting and stage fighting. But, nevertheless, at the end of the training day, all the men were covered in bruises and abrasions… We all understood we were ready for more… In those days, we trained with soft swords, but were eager to use real weapons.

My passion for sword fighting began at the age of 15, I used soft LARP weapons then. After some break, I tried an iron sword in 2008 and have been fighting with the weapon since that time. I realized soon that line fighting lacked the charm of historical medieval battles, so I’m ready for real tournaments!

I was elected captain of the National Team of Norway at the beginning of September, 2014. It’s a great honor and responsibility to be chosen by my comrades, to lead them in battle. I hope to bring them combat glory!


Baron Jann-Erik Aas Johansen,
captain of the National Team of Norway



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania