“5 vs 5″ Poland-Israel: it was tough!

05 May 2018 12:25

Both Polish and Israeli fighters had the most difficult fight of the whole day yesterday. It was a battle between two strong and experienced teams that did not let the enemy relax for a second. It was a contest of two different tactics. This was told by Mikhail Morgulis, a captain of the National Team of Israel.

“The Poles got the victory deservedly, they were really the most difficult of our rivals, their level increased noticeably – we had to put more effort, more cunning, more tricks. We had three heavy fighters this year, two – average weight and one lightweight. Our main goal was to make sure that two of our fighters in some way distracted three of our opponents. The tactic is called “2 in 3″. As long as on the other side of the list out three other fighters are quickly “processing” two opponents. The main question was who will “process” faster. It helped.”

However, as Michael noted, the Polish team also chose good tactics. According to Morgulis, for a fight in one of the rounds, the Poles took a lot of two-handed weapons. Recognizing the tactics of the Israelis, the Polish team did not allow them to be divided. While some Polish polearmers distracted the opponents, the others beat from the other side. The goal was reached, and Michael received a stunning blow from the Polish fighter.

“It was hurt! In the second round, they hit me from top to bottom. It was like a lumberjack strike, the opponent held and inclined me, I felt that blow to the very kidneys, but I had to get up and strike back.”

Krzysztof Olczak also remained impressed by the battle. It was really difficult, but still the Poles won: “I think it was one of the hardest fight today for our team. Murgulis did an awesome job; he put down two of my guys. It was a really tough fight for us”.

The second competitive day ended. There were many wonderful, spectacular and professional fights. However, it could not be otherwise, because only the best HMB athletes from all over the world came to the castle of Santa Severa.


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1st-4th July
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