“5 vs 5″ battles. Arms

12 Sep 2014 16:47

The most common weapons for “5 vs 5″

– Information for novices:

In addition to personal preferences of every fighter, we can mention certain trends concerning arms for “5 vs 5″ battles. Most often, fighters choose falchion. Their argument is that it’s “simple and reliable”. Also, it’s a chopper. (Thrusts are banned in HMB).

Sometimes, other weapons, for example axes and six-flanged maces, are used. Saying “sometimes”, we mean “rarely / not by everyone”. They are unpopular because their wooden handles can break at any moment of the battle.

Halberd is also not a frequent guest in today’s “5 vs 5″, as not many people have the necessary skill level to use it (here we mean the work of the halberd fighter in “5 vs 5″). We often see men with two-handed weapons who deliver a couple of blows, then they become engaged in a close combat and get “killed.” Therefore, the fighter should have a good wrestling training to “shake off” those who may come close.

Thus, at the moment, the main weapon for “5 vs 5″ is falchion. Perhaps, it will change over time. The level of training is constantly growing, HMB is a new sport, it develops, so it is quite possible that very soon some new weapons will become popular among the men…

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1st-4th July
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