30 vs 30: USA reached a goal

22 May 2019 23:22
Imazing mass battles category 30 vs 30 don`t let us forget any of those fights! Almost every team and even every fighter that we saw took off helmets coming out the lists and had a smile on their face. The athletes from the USA were no exception. Sam Andrews from the USA team enjoyed all the fights. Not only because the fights as they were, but because of the opportunity to meet and fight alongside new people. Ok, and the fact that you can beat these people up might have played a part in it too.

Sam Andrews:
“It’s fun, it`s hard, it`s tough. I enjoyed the fighting i enjoyed that comes with it. I like meeting new people from across the globe. Being here and meeting so many new people, societies and cultures… its a plus and being able to fight each other and drink later…. So I enjoyed it”.
According to Mr. Andrews they had a goal to  fight against Russia and France. Its not surprise as each of them is strong and tough opponent for every team. It`s like a meeting of the giants. The USA managed to meet both of them on the lists. After these fights Sam understood an important thing:

“We have to train harder and practice harder for the next time and hopefully we will come back bigger, stronger, faster”.
HMBIA News editorial office is sure that these mighty warriors from the USA will reach all their goals and will continue to show us great fights!
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania