2 friends-2 fights-2 years

30 Apr 2017 19:14
2 old friends and opponents, of course, met each other on the list of HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2017. As HMBIA News found out, Robert Szatecki from Poland and Lukas Kowal from UK are good friends, but on the list they fight with whole strength. Today, they met to compete in the duel nomination “Sword and Shield”. We had a conversation with both sportsmen and they told us about this historic fight.

Robert Szatecki (Poland): “I fought with Lukas Kowal from England. He is my friend, he is a very good fighter. I have much respect for him. Fighting with him you must be very concentrated. He is a tough fighter. Really tough fighter in a “Sword and shield”. I’m very happy that I have such opportunity to fight with skilled opponent. I will fight for the first place with probably the Russian guy”.

Lukas Kowal also had a great pleasure to meet his friend and find out who is better prepared this year.

Lukas Kowal (UK): “This fight with Robert was very exciting and dynamic. I enjoyed it. It was interesting, because 2 years ago, on the Battle of the Nations I won Robert in the triathlon. And we never fought since then. So I obviously very happy for him and I really enjoyed this fight. But I think I made a lot of mistakes. I’m happy with the 3-d place. I got the chance to participate in triathlon”.
Robert Szatecki was right. He fought with Alexey Petrik and got second place in the nomination “Sword and Shield”.

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