НМВ Soft workshop in UK – results of the event

21 Nov 2017 15:33

On the18th of November in Sheffield (UK) the first ??? Soft workshop of the series with such seminars was held. The HMBIA marshal supervisor Sergey Myasishchev led this event. The seminar included a theoretical part – the basic information about HMB Soft, the most popular teaching methods and safety techniques, discussion of the rules for conducting competitions, the training and competitive equipment, as well as a lot of practice. As Sergey Myasishchev told us, representatives of all British clubs that practice HMB sport took part in the seminar.

Participants of the seminar have learned the basic technique, got acquainted with the methods of conducting training, studied exercises on the manikin. The event finished with series of competitive fights, where the participants could try themselves as fighters or as marshals. This event was only the first in a series of seminars, workshops and hopefully HMB-Soft tournaments in the UK.

In general, HMBIA Marshal Supervisor was satisfied with the results of the seminar. And HMBIA News notice that the HMB Soft seminar in UK was the first one in a series of similar events that will be held in other European countries.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania