Ukraine. Qualifiers for “Battle of the Nations”-2015
- Results




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A Qualifying Tournament for the right to join Team Ukraine and participate in the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015. February 14-15.


Category “5 vs 5”

- Results:

1-st place. “Ayna Bera-1, club Ayna Bera”

2-d place. “Garmata”, club “Knyaz”

3-d place. “Sharukhan-Rarog” “Sharukhan” and “Rarog” clubs

4-th place. “Keshikten, club Keshikten”

5-th place. “Fist of Jesus” and “Luxemburg”, “ Flanders” and “EU”


Category “21 vs 21”

- Results:

1-st place. “Buhurt Union” (“Knyaz”, “?yn? Bera”, “Keshikten”, “Chorna Halych”, “Golden Spur”, “Knecht” clubs)

2-d place. “Sharukhan-Flandres” (clubs “Sharukhan”, “Flandres”, “Tangar”, “Rarog”, “Akra”)

3-d place. “Buhurt Union-2” (“Knyaz”, “?yn? Bera”and “Keshikten” clubs, “Chorna Halych”, “Golden Spur”, “Knecht”) 


Captain of the National Team of Ukraine at the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015 was elected Aleksei Lyalyushko (club “Ayna Bera”, Kiev). 

Ukraine-qualifications (2)