David Nickel, Germany: “We are strong as a team”




David Nickel Germany HMB Team

We have a good team, all the members work well together. We have 10 strong fighters. We will participate in buhurt and triathlon categories. I think we are ready for this. We are not participating in women’s category this year, ‘cause we don’t have any female fighters.


It is a great honor to be captain of the National Team, at this moment I have a lot of work to do, since there’s not much time left before the event.


We are strong as a team, I cannot say we have any weak fighters. And I can rely, at any time, on every person in my team, and that is the reason why I don’t have any favourites.


We expect to get much experience and new friends at “Battle of the Nations”-2014.


David Nickel,

captain of the National Team of Germany


Interview by

Elisabeth Irha